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Sun Stellar Unveils Stellar Sanitar--A Revolutionizing Stainless Steel Plumbing Solution for its customers

23 Dec 2023

HT Syndication

New Delhi [India], December 23: Sun Stellar, a trailblazer in cutting-edge Renewable energy Technology and plastic free water storage Solutions, proudly announces the launch of its latest brand, Stellar Sanitar. This innovative state-of-the-art stainless steel plumbing solution is catered to the diverse needs across residential and industrial projects.

Stellar Sanitar stands at the forefront of the plumbing industry, where they aim to achieve impeccability in the world of plumbing for your exquisite space. With the misision of providing sustainable solutions to the world of plumbing challenges, they have introduced Stainless Steel Plumbing Solutions with Double Press V Technology designed in Germany.These Press Fit systems offers large time savings compared to weldind, threading, grooving or chemical fixing.

Our German collaborations and Indian Infrastructure with R&D facilitates and labs ensures that our systems fulfills qualification tetss and standards set by DVGW, WRAS, TUV, KIWA, and ISO.

Distinguishing itself as a paramount alternate to traditional plastic based plumbing but also ensures exceptional health benefits and perpetual lifespan. In sustainable plumbing solutions, Stellar Sanitar champions stainless steel, famously recognized as the 'Green Metal'. Uniquely suited for 'drinking-water pipes', stainless steel assures purity and safety in every flow, meeting the highest standards of health and hygiene.

"Our mission at Stellar Sanitar is to offer comprehensive plumbing solutions, elevating experiences and exceeding expectations," expressed Karan Taluja, Director, Sun Stellar the driving force behind Stellar Sanitar's vision. With his astute leadership, the brand stands committed to sustainability, embedding eco-friendly practices and superior craftsmanship at its core.

Karan Taluja's unwavering dedication to luxury and sustainability resonates through every facet of Stellar Sanitar. This ethos positions the brand as the ultimate choice for individuals seeking a plumbing system that seamlessly blends opulence with environmental responsibility.

Stellar Sanitar's commitment to luxury, durability, and environmental responsibility is creating a harmonious balance between opulence and eco-conscious living. They are the first ones to provide fully annealed tubes and systems. Their hallmark zero-leak technology guarantees a worry-free user experience. The hassle-free installation process further adds convenience, making plumbing upgrades seamless and efficient for consumers across diverse segments. They are the first ones to provide fully annealed tubes and systems.

The brand is also passionate about shaping a sustainable future. Their commitment to sustainability drives them as they proudly unveil a groundbreaking array of products and services geared towards fostering a greener tomorrow. Dedicated to pioneering change, the brand is also thrilled to introduce revolutionary offerings centered around renewable energy solutions, cutting-edge energy-saving devices, and innovative plastic-free water storage systems. These breakthroughs stand as pillars in their mission to uphold ecological balance and champion sustainable practices.

STELLAR SANITaR was successfully launched at ACETECH 2023, which is Asias leading trade fair for architecture, building materials, art and design, held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. the brand was launched by Ar. Dhananjay Lakhanpal and Ar. Akash Chona. It was an honour for the brand to be launched at such a platform in the presence of such distiguished architects.

Sun Stellar stands as a pioneering entity, leading the charge in technological innovation and solutions across solar water heaters and stainless steel water tanks. With an unyielding commitment to excellence and sustainability, Sun Stellar continues to spearhead transformative advancements.

Sun Stellar also prides itself on delivering innovative, high-performing, and competitive products and services in the area of Solar Thermal and Solar Power Energy for Over Twelve Years now. The company also aims to improve New India's lifestyle by focussing on a lower energy footprint and a strong emphasis on wellness of the planet.With the team of technocrats and continuous R&D, they have always been one step ahead.

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